What is the National Drug Rehab Referral Alliance?

The National Drug Rehab Referral Alliance works to help addicts and their loved ones find drug and alcohol rehab facilities where they can begin to put their lives back together. It is our desire to ease your search for such a rehab. Our consultants take your information and search through thousands of drug rehabs to provide you with a “short list” that we hope will best fit your needs. We are not a drug rehab or affiliated with any one rehab or rehab methodology. We simply function to put you in touch with the people who can help.

What is the charge for this service?

There is no charge for using our drug rehabilitation facility locator service.

What happens to my information when I click “submit?”

Your information is sent to our consultants who will review it to try to determine what type of program might best fit your or your loved ones needs. Your information is kept in the strictest of confidence and is only shared with treatment programs that have certified chemical dependency counselors and the strictest standards regarding privacy.

When can I expect a response?

We know that your request is an urgent one and treat it as such. Our consultants will review your information and respond to your request as soon as possible. While it is our policy to respond to each request within 24 hours, we are generally able to handle most requests much more quickly than that.